1. Always Prepare for teaching-learning activities in advance

2. While preparing have a clear idea about

A. Concepts / sub concepts in the topic

B. TLM to be prepared

a) Power points
b)Flash Cards
c) Transparencies
d) Models
e)Charts etc.


a) Pairs
b) In groups
d) Debate
e) Role Play
f) Quiz.

3. Blend (a) (b) and (c) above through your planning & Advance preparation to make the lessons interesting & learner oriented

4. Try always to provide’hands on’ experience to children during activities.

5. Arrange short field trips to make the concepts clear in EVS & in other subjects.

6. After a field trip & before a trip always have a ‘Brain storming Session.’

7. Create a Stress Free and democratic environment in the Class.

8. After a lesson is completed through TLM & activities to your satisfaction, do not rest.

9. Try now to take the lesson beyond the walls of the class room.

10. Trigger interest, motivate children to refer to additional material from library & internet(Small projects

11.Always discuss/present the additional information collected by students in the class. Appreciate & Encourage

12. Encourage children to write neatly, regularly in their notebooks with proper index.

13. Act as Facilitators and not as information givers.

14. Help student to ‘Construct Knowledge’through the experiences & activities you provide.


1) Promote Reading habits through class  libraries.

2) Draw advance from the Principal/HM to prepare relevant, meaningful TLM well in advance.

3) See that the Classroom, furniture etc are neat & well arranged.

4) Settle your TLM advance with Principal/HM every month.

5) Plan, encourage to bring out a class Bulletin, Class Magazine.

6) Keep in touch with parents for Periodic discussion/counseling

7) Ignite & Display the creative talent of children in Art, Music, Dance Drama & games etc.

8) Make all Saturdays NO textbook Days. But have well in advance worksheets, Assessment Sheets, activities ready to make Saturday learning interesting & effective.

9) Promote Communicative Skills in English. Talk to and invite replies from, Students in English only

10) Give the students opportunities in class in use English

11) Reading cards must be used One/or two in a Week by language teachers (in the way they have to be used) to promote regarding habits & comprehension.

III – Records to be maintained All the following records are to be maintained regularly & neatly and shown to the Principal/HM and to the Inspecting Officers.

a) teacher’s Diary, written in a meaningful manner.

b) Monthly TLM Records- prepared, used (Class & Section, subject,date) advance taken & advance refunded.

c) Power point presentations prepared and used with class, section, subject, & date.

d) Student’s profiles.

e) Grades of all students

f) Under achievers (list)- problems-remediation steps.

g) advance material/Books suggested by you and consulted by your students.

h) Field trips, class debates etc list with dates, subject, class & section.

i) Record of meeting with parents-point discussed.

j) Participation of your students in competitions of some standing-position obtained

k) Library reading done by students

Student wise, day/week wise/class wise

Book reviews etc- follow-up activites (quiz,story telling etc.)

l) Topic that strike you for innovations-The work undertaken etc.


1) Do not try to read, from text books and explain..

2) Do not go to class unprepared without TLM and Planned Activities.

3) D not be mere information givers but make students knowledge seekers and knowledge creators.

4) Do not snub children from asking questions.

5) Do not employ lecture method.

6) Do not create fear in the minds of Children.

7) Do not resort to corporal punishment.

8) Do not brand any learner as slow learner

9) Do not Start the Lesson as soon as you enter without ‘creating atmosphere’for learning.

10) Do not discourage students in any manner.


Implementation of Common Minimum Programme

A Teaching Learning Materials
1 Is a list of TLM required for the month prepared by each subject teacher and handed over to HM/Principal?
2 Are the required materials purchased by HM/Senior PRT and distributed to teachers?
3 Are stock registers and issue register maintained?
4 Is a register on preparation and use of TLM maintained in the resource room?
5 Is record of use of TLM maintained in Teachers Diary?
B Equipment in Resource Room
1 Is the separate resource room for primary section functioning?
2 Is Heavy duty photocopier/Digital Duplicator made available exclusively for
Primary Section in working condition?
3 Is a register for the record of use of photocopier maintained?
4 Is the LCD in working condition?
5 Is the colour TV in working condition?
6 Are the computers with internet in working condition?
1 Is a class library functioning in classes III to V
2 Is a separate cupboard arrangement made as per the requirement of CMP?
3 No: of books added to class library during the quarter?
D Supervision and monitoring
1 Is the supervision being carried out as per the requirement of CMP?
2 Is a record of supervision maintained by HM/Senior PRT?
3 Is any workshop conducted for all PRTs?
4 Are Tests/Exams conducted as per plans?
5 Is evaluation of the test/exam completed?
E Time Table
1 Are block periods being used for activity based teaching?
2 Is contractual arrangement made for vacant PRTs?
F CCA, Sports and games, Health check, film Shows, Study Trips,—–
1 Is the schedule of CCA for the session 2011-12 followed?
2 Are sports and games activities conducted house wise as per plan?
3 Is compulsory health check conducted during the quarter?
4 Is community lunch organised?
5 Are study trips organised?
6 Is the CD/DVD player in working condition?
7 No: of film shows arranged during the quarter?
8 Special activities/ celebrations during the quarter?
9 Achievements of primary children at State/ National/International Level?
10 No of photographs of activities in Primary classes attached
11 Grand Parents day organised?
12 Are class magazines brought out?
G Cluster level competitions
1 Is cluster wise newsletter published?
2 Are cluster level CCA competitions conducted?
3 Are preparations made for celebrating Bal Diwas in a grand way?
4 Any Other? (Please describe briefly)

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